Glasgow darts fanatic has got the power

A Glasgow darts fanatic will be enjoying a VIP experience at the Premier League of Darts in the city tomorrow night (THU) after battling illness and a 400 mile round trip to meet his hero Phil Taylor.

Davey Walker, who works for Speedy Hire, was invited to witness the grand unveiling of the company’s sponsorship of the UK Open in June, for his impressive service for the company.

Glenboig darts fan Davey Walker has forged a close friendship with Phil Taylor and will be one of the Power’s guests at the Premier League of Darts on Thursday evening.

The Glenboig area manager travelled from Glasgow to St Helen’s in Lancashire to see professionals Phil Taylor, Gary Anderson and Mark Webster announce the partnership, where he met his hero Phil Taylor and played ‘The Power’ in a nine dart challenge.

Davey suffers from MS and is a keen darts player, but made the seven hour round trip and has now been invited to the Premier League of Darts tomorrow evening at the SECC, as a VIP guest of Phil Taylor.

Davey said: “It was wonderful meeting my hero Phil Taylor, and even better to be invited as one of his guests to the Premier League of Darts.

“A little illness of my central nervous system has caused my muscles and co-ordination to go AWOL when I played Phil, and I didn’t realise how bad it was until I threw my darts.

“I was fearful that the lamp above the board might have got hit and the only way I’d have hit a 180 was by throwing a hedgehog.

“It was an absolute privilege to meet Phil and to be invited as one of his guests is a dream come true.”

Speedy, the UK’s leading provider of equipment rental and support services’, will soon activate their sponsorship of the UK Open – known as “The FA Cup of Darts” – by offering 32 amateur players the chance to play their heroes in a unique opportunity for the sport.

Speedy’s group marketing director Steve McIntyre said: “We are thrilled to have forged this partnership with one of the UK’s most popular sports, and wanted to reflect our excitement with this unprecedented project.

“The Speedy Hire UK Open will be offering 32 staff and customers of all abilities the chance to compete in the event, which is widely regarded as “The FA Cup of Darts”.

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