POSCA adds a splash of colour to London fashion brand’s 10th anniversary

uni POSCA has celebrated a decade of design thanks to its sponsorship of fashion label Lazy Oaf’s 10th anniversary.

Working with the independent graphic and illustration label for the third consecutive year, uni POSCA lent its support to the celebrations by providing 150 pens in a range of colours and tip sizes.

As part of the sponsorship, uni POSCA marker pens were used to brighten up the windows of the city and arts music project (CAMP) in London, where Lazy Oaf held a commemorative party. Attend by a host of artists and bloggers, the party also featured live drawing on balloons which demonstrated the versatile qualities of the pens which can write on practically any surface.

A huge uni POSCA birthday card was on display at Lazy Oaf’s flagship store in Fouberts Place, allowing customers to write their messages of congratulations to the brand, famous for its bright pop graphic t-shirts.

Stuart Barker, marketing manager at Mitsubishi Pencil Co., said: “Through sponsorship of drawing competitions and live drawing events we have established a strong relationship with Lazy Oaf and we are pleased to have supported their 10th anniversary celebrations.

“Known for designs featuring bold colours and prints, the Lazy Oaf brand is a great supporter of the uni POSCA range, which is available in an array of vibrant shades.”

uni POSCA and Lazy Oaf previously teamed up for a live drawing event at Tate Modern where hundreds of visitors drew self-portraits, which were displayed on the gallery’s Turbine Bridge.

Gemma Shiel, Lazy Oaf’s founder and chief designer at Lazy Oaf, said: “No Lazy Oaf event would be complete without some fun live drawing action using colourful uni POSCA markers.

“One of the best things about uni POSCA is that they can draw straight on to windows and balloons. We have received some fantastic feedback on the back of our drawing events with customers praising the pen’s vivid colours and paint-like finish. We would like to thank uni POSCA for its continued support.”

For further information on uni-ball visit www.uniball.co.uk, www.unisuperpens.co.uk or view their latest tweets on Twitter by following @uni_posca.