Yale helps reduce order picking operator fatigue with new scissor lift model - 8848

Yale helps reduce order picking operator fatigue with new scissor lift model

Yale adds ergonomic scissor lift model to MO series of low level order pickers

Yale has introduced a fourth model to its MO series of low level order pickers. The new scissor lift model offers operators significant picking and ergonomic advantages.

The scissor mechanism on the MO20P will help reduce fatigue for operators who are picking heavy or bulky case picks at heights up to 690 mm. Operators handling double euro pallets will experience a significant benefit through the reduction of constant bending and stretching.

Ergonomic and comfort advantages

Common to all Yale MO series low level order pickers is the easy to operate scooter control unit with finger-tip control and electric steering. This allows the operator to remain within the footprint of the truck, reducing operator fatigue and contributing to greater personal protection.

A large platform with open accessibility allows operators to easily step through the truck to pick from both sides, without having to walk around the truck or pallet when required to access loads from both sides of the aisle. The complete platform floor area acts as a presence sensor. This permits the operator to drive the truck in whatever standing position is most comfortable. A soft-touch back rest and shock absorbing platform mat further enhance the operating experience.

The side-mounted controls can be used as an alternative to those in the driving compartment. They allow the operator to walk alongside the pallet when picks are in adjacent bays, reducing the number of ‘off’ ‘on’ and ‘lift’, ’lower’ operations the operator has to make, which contributes significantly to reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.

Increased productivity

With a powerful, high thermal capacity, AC traction motor, and a DC lift motor the MO20P is well equipped for performance. Maximum travel speed is 8.5 km/h with load and 10.5 km/h without. For applications involving rapid travel over longer distances, top speeds of 10 km/h loaded and 13 km/h unloaded are an option. On shorter circuits, with continual stopping, starting, the truck’s rapid acceleration, effective braking and effortless, precise control deliver increased productivity.

An order picker for every eventuality

Announcing the new scissor lift model, warehouse equipment product strategy manager, Gianbattista Scaramuzza said: “With the addition of the scissor lift model, we can truly say that the MO series covers practically every eventuality in the world of low level order picking. Choosing from the four models with their associated options Yale can now provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution for almost every application.”

For further details of this and other trucks in the Yale range, or to find your nearest Yale dealer, visit www.yale.com.