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10 of the funniest pub and café chalkboard signs from around the world

At Connect PR we love a good quip on a chalkboard outside a pub, café or restaurant.

A moment of comedy genius on your A-Board could be the difference between being ‘another shop on the high street’ to ‘THAT shop on the high street, you know – the one with the jokes’.

With the power of social media a business can become a viral hit and footfall into your premises could soon be on the rise all with a bit of creativity and a piece of chalk.

So here are 10 of our favourite chalkboard signs from around the world.

What could go wrong?

A-board yelp

This one is a bit cheesy #SorryNotSorry



Not just Coffee to be honest




Wow, that beer must be cold


Cold heart


Free beer you say?


False advertising


It’s fine, I already have one with me

Free Air Guitar


I don’t trust either



So true






Taco Nacho


A beautiful romance


Te amo