5 reasons why you can’t go without PR for Lent

5 reasons why you can’t go without PR for Lent

It’s that time of the year where we ask ourselves what we are going to give up for Lent, whether it’s chocolate, coffee or even shopping – many of us try to go cold turkey on at least something. While you’re deciding on what to go without for 40 days, one thing for sure is PR shouldn’t be one of them.

PR helps to raise your company’s profile, manage your brand’s reputation and helps to build relations with key people within your industry – all of which are vital to raising awareness of what you do, generating more enquiries and revenue.

If your customer is already denying themselves something they love, they’re likely to feel even more miserable if they don’t hear from their favourite brands throughout Lent, so check out our top five reasons why you can’t give up PR for Lent:

PR unlocks new audiences

Using digital tactics to target audiences we give brands an uplift in sales that simply can’t be ignored. Recent social media work for our client Lee Longlands has rocketed their online sales 31 per cent above forecast.

PR delivers more value than advertising

We can influence how customers view your business or products by encouraging the media to tell your story. Our meaningful working relationships with key journalists ensure campaigns are a success. For example we have hit headlines with Autoglym in the Daily Mail, Sunday Times and The Guardian to name just a few.

PR is always on

Our thirst for knowledge and the need to know the latest social media developments means we can help you stay on top of your PR game and have you stay ahead of your competitors. In one year alone we helped grow Persimmon Homes’ Facebook presence from 7,000 likes to 32,000 likes.

PR gets you noticed

Everyone needs some light relief and PRs are masters at quirky and fun online content that will get your brand noticed through on and offline platforms. We are the team that flew the Goodyear blimp over the home town of Kate Middleton on the day of the royal wedding – delivering ‘The Queen’ to join in the locals’ celebrations for good measure.

PR is an investment

Many businesses generate natural PR opportunities, and events are a great way to do so. Have you sealed a new business partnership? Are you struggling to shout from the rooftops about your latest products? Are you tired of being overlooked for your rivals? Connect PR can maximise your coverage and give you the recognition you deserve.

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