Today we’re taking our inspiration from the wonderful pitch deck of the now famous FYRE Festival.

No bull on our farm, we only have a plastic cow.

We give you our #FarmSquad to deliver #FarmFestival, coming to you this Spring.

With decades of experience in the agriculture and entertainment industry, we have founded and worked at some of the best companies in the world. This includes Saturday assistant at JJB Sports, barista at the UK’s leading coffee shop in Tettenhall, global classical performer at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton and finally, best of all an appearance as a Hollywood extra in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Could it get any better than this #FarmHands?


#FarmFestival has purchased 4.21 acres of market value land on Aspley Farm, Slade Heath to host the festival.

Year one theme – farm animals

Hot ticket

Get your exclusive tickets before they run out

Weekend pass: £8,848 each.

Barn B&B: £8.84 per minute.

Treehouses: £88.48 per hour.

Exclusive cottage: £88,480 for the weekend. Bring your own mattress.


Florence and the Tractor

Farmye West


Lady BaBa

Working with our main G

As part of our influencer marketing campaign we have partnered with mother of two Sarah Dutton who has a combined total of 31 followers worldwide including her own family. Within five days we believe she can amass approximately 100 unique impressions which we are sure will lead to website views and ticket purchases. She’s a definite #FarmFertiliser


We have a five ring hob and plenty of grass. Fill your wellies #FarmHands but don’t expect any luscious cheese on toast.


#FarmHands, please note that you must bring your own water to #FarmFestival as we’re definitely not taking one for the team. Alternatively brave the stream…

Off Grid

We’re rural and ready to go. Unlike our internet. Bring your own router for maximum Gs.

What the press are staying…

“Is FarmFestival the new FYRE?” Express & Star.

“No bull, FarmFestival set to sell out.” Black Country Bugle.

“Move over Coachella, Slade Heath is the new capital of cool.” Farming Today.

“@SarahMarsdenDutton’s marketing campaign pulled me in. But the promise of the farm experience hooked me.” Slade Heath Parish Magazine.

And Finally

Please share this post with the hashtag #FarmFestival to help us reach as wide an audience as possible with the line ‘I’m a #FarmHand and I’m going to #FarmFestival.’ Don’t forget to include our iconic pink square.

And remember – seek those who water your crops!