My Funny Valentine

If you want to really hack off a hack, send them a valentine’s day themed press release. It’s sure to get their blood pumping, but not in the way you hoped.

Across the nation brands have used February the 14th to flog their goods for decades.

Here’s just a few that have caught our eye over the last few years.


Scottish retailer Foul Fashion obviously lives and breathes its brand. It put its money where its mouth is with a Valentine’s Day campaign offering a full refund if customers didn’t have sex within a month of wearing their garment for the first time.

In order to claim the refund, Foul Fashion customers had to post a picture of themselves wearing their Foul Fashion item on the brand’s Facebook page stating they haven’t had sexual intercourse with anyone for more than a month since wearing the item for the first time.


If you believe the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, KFC has issued instructions for replicating their stunning “Bouquet de Poulet”, a bucket full of love featuring red roses, mouthwatering popcorn chicken, chicken fillets and hot wings.

Sadly you can’t pick up a pre-made one as an emergency gift on the way home, but creative types will gain extra kudos with this home-made finger lickin’ treat.


If KFC isn’t to your liking, how about the intriguingly named Love Sausage from Marks & Spencer?

Released especially for Valentine’s Day 2019, the impressively sized Cumberland sausage, wrapped in truffle bacon, could be the perfect treat for your loved one.

Just be careful when searching the #LoveSausage…


They like to do things differently down under – IKEA Australia offered a free cot to anyone giving birth exactly nine months after Valentine’s Day in 2013. Proof of birth was required to redeem this unusual voucher offer, but IKEA didn’t confirm how many of the $99 cots were claimed.

Also that year, the Swedish brand’s Sydney branch held a romantic in-store flat-pack wedding, with guests sitting down to a delicious meatball reception. Aaah!


Finally, spare a thought for poor Dan in the North West.

Back in 2013 his girl hired an Esso garage display board in Manchester to publicly dump him for Gary on Valentine’s Day.

We think this may win the best ad award.

The boards hire out for around £100 but far be it for us to suggest this was an ESSO stunt to promote them.