20 fabulous years

So a little landmark went by recently that I have so far failed to admit – 20 years in the same job.

In March 2019 I celebrated 20 years with the business and I guess my story is an interesting one for new graduates of today – do you really need to constantly move around to achieve your goals or can you make your own success at the same business?

Of course I’ve grown as the business has developed – and my goodness has it developed. My first job was PR account manager at Connect PR which back then was a tiny office within Connect Advertising. My first client was LDV Vans.

One year on in 2000 I was given the greatest opportunity of my life – the chance to create a separate limited company away from Connect Advertising. From humble beginnings the business has grown. We acquired Seal in 2015, bought a farm in 2016 and at the same time changed our name to 8848. We’re no longer a dedicated PR agency – we’re full service, employing 25 amazing people in PR, social media, video, marketing, creative and digital. Today we win work I could only have dreamed about and I get to work with people both internally and externally who I both admire and love spending time with.

It wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without some hideous pictures so please enjoy these at my expense.