Top 5 social media apps to look out for in 2019

Social media is constantly evolving with new features and tools popping up almost every week in the App Store and Google Play. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with the latest updates and platforms, this is why we’ve complied a list of the top social media apps in 2019 to keep an eye out for.



Launched by Facebook, Lasso is a new social media app which competes directly with TikTok. You can use the platform to create short 15 second videos with filters and musical overplays. Users can also discover popular viral videos, search trending hashtags and follow content creators and influencers.

Whilst the app has only recently launched, it’s safe to say the app may have a promising future because it’s owned by Facebook. This means that the app may benefit from Facebook’s user base, technology resources and financial backing.

If you’re looking to target Gen-Z or millennials this is one to keep an eye on.


Caffeine TV is a platform built by ex-Apple designers and allows users to create live broadcasts for friends and followers. The broadcast shows up in a feed where you can respond with comments and emoji reactions.

Alongside video broadcasts, you can also live stream your computer or TV screens whilst playing video games, which makes Caffeine a possible competitor for Twitch. Caffeine also rewards engaging broadcasters through its monetization program that offers you money for high views or subscriptions.

The app is just another great example of how live video and video platforms are gaining traction with younger audiences.

Google My Business

Google My Business

Online shopping has spiked in recent years, with more people relying on social engines to search for their shopping quotes.

This is where Google My Business comes in, the app helps billions of people connect with businesses daily. The app provides data such as requests for directions, incoming calls, where searches originate from and the number of business searches.

What’s more business owners can also set up a quick and easy website that is free to use, where business owners can respond direct to clients, clients can share stories and even review services.


You may be asking what is Vero? The new social media app is similar to Instagram and allows users to share images, videos and even links without the pressure of gaining likes.

The app lets users sort their contacts into four groups: close friends, friends and acquaintances and followers allowing you to filter who gets to see what content on their news feed. This opens up our virtual socialising in a way that mirrors real life privacy.

A big plus of this app is that it is ad free and posts content chronologically without any algorithm influence.


Move over Twitter, there’s a new app in town called Mastodon. With features such as ‘toot’, ‘boost’ and ‘favourite’ it’s proving in its early stages to be a better improved version of Twitter.

Unlike Twitter’s 140 character limit, Mastodon also gives you up to 500 characters to play with. You can mention and follow others and even direct message people. The platform is free to use and benefits from no adverts, it’s also worth mentioning that it offers better privacy controls than its rival.

You can also take advantage of its content warning feature which allows users to indicate links which followers may want to skip, such as spoiler alerts, political news or NSFW content.

Now is a great time to jump on board whilst its in the initial stage of growing.

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