Facebook to introduce new features for public figures

Social media influencers are some of the biggest digital powerhouses. Producing content that ticks all the boxes, from some of the most engaged content on the web to raking in high content views and shares.

It’s no wonder that social platforms are always looking for new ways to keep their top influencers engaged. Even Facebook this week has announced a host of new features and updates for public figures.

Facebook’s latest tools will help public figures to reach a wider audience, engage directly with followers, as well as making money through the platform and protecting public figures from online abuse.

As part of the update, the company is also testing the ability for multiple public figures to add to the same Facebook Story during specific events, giving fans a ‘variety of perspectives around a specific topic or event’.

Facebook tested the feature at Tomorrowland festival. This saw various participating artists contribute to the same Facebook Story, with a final frame showcasing the various content contributors.

Another feature making an appearance in your News Feed is public figure recommendations. Looking at factors such as people users already follow and the type of content engaged with, Facebook will then suggest public figures that you may be interested in.

Earlier this week the platform also launched the fan reply sticker tool in Stories. This will allow public figures to create call to actions and prompt photo or video responses from followers. Best of all? These responses can then be re-shared within the same Story.

Monetisation also plays a big part in Facebook’s influencer tool kit. The social network is now introducing swipe-up links to public figure Stories. The one-stop shopping experience is ideal for those influencers looking to promote products and brands.

Safety and security also plays a big part in the latest update from Facebook. To protect public figures from abuse, dedicated reporting flows have been added to pages, so suspicious accounts can be reported.

In a blog, Maria Smith, VP of product management, and Sibyl Goldman, VP of entertainment partnerships conclude, ‘There’s much more to come here. We look forward to seeing all of the ways public figures and creators connect with fans on Facebook.’

You can read the full blog over on Facebook.

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