10 hidden features in iOS 13 that you need to try today

Apple recently released its latest iPhone update iOS 13. Packed with many new features from Dark Mode to Apple Arcade, we’re sharing our top 10 hidden iOS 13 features.

Personalise your Memoji

Memoji has been around since 2018 and now Apple has introduced more ways to help you make your Memoji look like you. The Memoji feature is a fun and alternative way to share with friends and family a range of emotions in Messages, FaceTime, Facebook and Twitter.

You can edit your Memoji through the monkey icon in Messages.

Dark Mode

A new feature to iOS 13, Dark Mode allows you to set the theme of your iPhone. Switching to darker backgrounds and colours, the feature is not only ideal for evening scrolling but also looks pretty cool.

You can switch Dark Mode on through your phones Control Centre menu. Alternatively, if you want Dark Mode to activate at specific times, you can do this through the ‘Display and Brightness’ setting, and toggle ‘Automatic’ on.

Family hot spot

There’s nothing more annoying than running out of data and there’s no Wi-Fi nearby! Luckily enough Apple have families covered with the Family Sharing Wi-Fi hot spot feature. Now users can choose ‘Family Sharing’ within their Personal Hotspot settings and connect automatically, so members are never without 4G.

Keyboard swipe

Whether you type or swipe, the new QuickPath keyboard in iOS 13 allows for both. Swipe from letter to letter to create a word, without removing your finger from the keyboard.

This feature has only been available in third-party versions previously and allows users to choose what’s most convenient.

Hide your location from apps

If you’re using iOS 13 you may notice pop ups that remind you of any apps using your location. Not only does the new feature tell you which apps are using your location in the background, but it also lets you know how many times your location has been used.

To change your location settings of a particular app, you can either do this automatically when you get the pop up by selecting ‘only while using’. You can also switch your location settings manually through the ‘Privacy’ and ‘Location Services’ settings on your phone.

Connect two pairs of Airpods to the same iPhone

iOS 13 introduced dual listening from the same iPhone. For those who use AirPods, you can connect two pairs to the same iPhone, an ideal feature for those wanting to share music or watch the same movie.

It’s simple to do, all you need to do is pair your Airpods in the usual way and then select the AirPlay button to connect the second pair.

Monochrome portrait photos

If you’re an iPhone user, there’s no doubt that you’ll have tried Portrait Mode when capturing photos. This popular mode has received an update in iOS 13 introducing six new lighting options for your photos.

Most notable is the ‘high-key light mono’ option, which takes a black and white portrait photo but changes your background to a white backdrop. This cool feature will no doubt change the way we take portrait photos.

To try this cool feature, select Portrait Mode in your camera, and the slide through the options until you reach ‘high-key light mono’. Get snapping!

New volume indicator

A bugbear for many iPhone users hooked to a Netflix show or catching up on YouTube subscriptions is being distracted by a large volume indicator on your screen when adjusting your phone’s volume.

Another great iOS 13 feature is the new volume indicator, which is more discreet and slides up or down from the corner of your screen. Plus, you don’t have to press the buttons to change the level, simply drag the volume bar up or down on your screen.

Optimised Battery Charging

iPhones are known for their depleting battery. To combat this and preserve your phone’s battery life, Apple has introduced ‘optimised battery charging’. This new feature helps to keep your phone in top performance for longer and reduces battery aging.

You can turn this setting on in the ‘Battery’ and ‘Battery Health’ options of your phone.

Google Maps ETA

Apple has upped its Maps game in its recent iOS update, introducing a new look and cool features. The ETA setting allows you to share your time of arrival with friends and family, which is ideal if you want to share your location to let people know you’re safe or let someone know you’re running late.

It’s simple to add whilst on your journey, simply select ‘Share ETA’ and choose the contact you’d like to share your travel details with. This person will receive a text with your ETA and if they are an iPhone user they’ll also get a detailed journey view.

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