A round-up of our top 5 Christmas adverts of 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and here at 8848 we’re getting into the festive mood with a round-up of our top 5 Christmas adverts of 2019.

John Lewis

This year John Lewis & Partners melted our hearts with their Christmas advert. The advert focuses on a girl named Ava and her dragon friend Edgar. As he struggles to control his fiery breath, disaster strikes as he melts both a snowman and frozen lake, as well as setting the town’s Christmas tree on fire.

However, with a little help from Ava, the duo arrives at the village Christmas feast where Edgar shows people that his fire is useful. After setting alight a Christmas pudding, the advert ends with an applause from the local residents.


Kevin the Carrot is back! This year sees Aldi’s festive star goes up against Russell Sprout and the Leafy Blinders gang, who don’t want him to put on a Christmas extravaganza. With Tiny Tom the tomato to the rescue, Kevin is saved from the gang and makes his way to the circus tent just in time for his greatest show.

Taking inspiration from the Greatest Showman, Kevin, Katie and the kids perform to Robbie Williams’ ‘Let Me Entertain You’.


This year, Asda has captured the magic of Christmas with their first full-length festive advert. Running for two minutes, the advert focuses on a girl named Tilly, who wants to capture Santa’s ‘leftover magic’.

After seeing the Northern Lights and capturing ‘leftover magic’, Tilly can spread Christmas cheer throughout her town. In the spirit of Christmas the town quickly becomes decked out with baubles and twinkling fairy lights. The ending of the advert is made extra special with her brother finding magic for Tilly.


To celebrate the supermarket’s 150th anniversary, Sainsbury’s Christmas advert tells the heart-warming tale of St Nicholas.

Starring a young chimney sweep, called Nick, he is wrongly accused of stealing a fallen clementine from Mrs Sainsbury’s stall by his evil work master. After the crowd banish him from the city, Mrs Sainsbury goes in search of the boy and presents him with a sack of clementines.

Sharing Christmas cheer he gifts the clementines to his chimney sweep friends and gives his boss a lump of coal. The advert ends with him walking off into the snow in a Santa suit.


This year Walkers Crisps pulled out all the stops with its Christmas advert. Featuring the Christmas classic ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ and superstar Mariah Carey. The advert sees her taking part in a Christmas photoshoot.

Once the shoot is wrapped, she hands out an array of gifts including silk robes, paintings and actual doves. However, she quickly finds herself in a game of tug of war with an elf over the last bag of Walkers Pigs in Blankets crisps. To win the victory she belts out a high note that stops everyone in their tracks.

Stepping away from her trademark diva tendencies she offers a solitary crisp to the elf. But the joy is short lived when the crisp is eaten by a passing dove.

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