The top 5 fitness influencers you should follow this January

The top 5 fitness influencers you should follow this January

January is the perfect time to kick-start your fitness journey. So, whether you’re new to the world of fitness or looking to get back on track, we asked fitness fanatic Charlee Greenhalgh, to share her top five fitness influencers, whose feeds are full of the best workout motivation.

Melissa Alcantara

Making my top five list is Kim Kardashian-West’s go-to personal trainer Melissa Alcantara (@fitgurlmel). Her feed includes everything from workouts and nutritional tips to body transformations and motivational talk. Often, she’ll share her very own fitness journey, which proves the ultimate motivation for those looking to kick-start their own journey.

Plus, her feed will leave you with ab envy!

Krissy Cela

With more than 1.8 million followers, Krissy Cela’s (@krissycela) channel showcases a variety of free workout ideas. Her combined strength and resistance training methods are easy to follow and ideal for beginners and pros alike. If I’m heading to the gym with no workout in mind, I’ll often have a look at her page for a workout plan.

Her page also shares inspiring transformations of those who use her Tone & Sculpt app.

Natacha Oceane

Known for explaining the science behind exercise and nutrition, Natacha Oceane (@natacha.oceane) takes insight from her biophysics degree and uses it to help her follows along their own fitness journey. Her eclectic mix of plyometric and strength training is different to many yet provides fresh and motivating fitness ideas.

Steve Cook

This college football player turned bodybuilder and fitness model has captured the attention of millions, thanks to his killer yet unique workouts. Steve Cook (@stevecook) is the ultimate motivator, from his ‘8 week challenges’ to training hints and tips as well as fitness programs that cater to every type of gym goer.

Ryan Terry

Known for being a Mr Olympia finalist, as well as one of the Ultimate Sport Nutrition ambassadors, Ryan Terry’s (@ryanjterry) feed is full of inspirational content. His Instagram feed is the ultimate mix of inspiring workouts and physique updates. Just scrolling through his feed is enough motivation to see your hit your January fitness goals.

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