Carefully crafted content marketing will help start the conversation

Forward thinking business strategists are turning to content marketing to help reach and engage their target audience.

Creating empathy and a sense of community cannot be underestimated – after all everyone loves to be told a story.

There are various different types of content marketing, including educational articles, e-books, videos, webinars and social media content marketing which can help you boost brand awareness, conversions and interactions with your brand.

At 8848 Agency, content marketing is such a big part of what we do and we want to help you start the conversation with your customers. So, to help you make the most of your content marketing, we’ve pulled together a round up of our top content marketing tips to implement a successful content marketing strategy.

Get to know the Content Marketing Sales Funnel

Anyone engaged in sales and marketing should obtain a deeper understanding of what helps customers progress through the sales funnel. The step-by-step content flow takes as many leads as possible and converts them into actual customers.

H ow to Build a Winning Content Marketing Sales Funnel

At the wide top of a funnel, a large number of people become aware of your products or services. As they move towards the much narrower end of the funnel, many will drop off, however a very small number of leads will make it through the bottom and become a customer.

Keep content clear and consistent 

It is important to publish high-quality content which is of value to your target audience as this will contribute to a brand’s success within any content marketing strategy.  Content which is clear and engaging will not only create a better customer experience, but also help to build credibility, reputation and brand trust.

Keeping your content consistent across channels, whether this be social media, a website or a video is also important to ensure brand familiarity. It will make potential customers more likely to trust your offering and purchase from you in the future.

Relevant content is key

Carefully crafted content that is relevant and relatable will engage and inspire a sense of empathy and understanding which in turn will open up inbound inquiries. To ensure your content is relevant, we recommend including the current year in the title of your content, but excluding the year in the URL to avoid needing to re-earn any backlinks.

You can also repurpose content through different channels and for different purposes. Always consider the different ways your content can be easily repurposed in the future when writing any content for your brand.

Establish a direction

You may already have a solid framework of content, developed a strategy and you always know the sales funnel but it is always recommended to break down the different kinds of material into stages of the funnel so that the aim of each is evident to everyone on the squad. These are: Outreach (Facebook pages, landing pages), Conversion (social media, information entries, case studies), closing (reviews, questionnaires) and retention (exclusive deals, competitions).

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