Reasons to Use Social Media for Your Business

The old forms of marketing such as newspapers and leaflets are still effective but are slowly being overtaken by digital advertising. Online platforms such as facebook and Instagram are growing every day, in consequence, there are many benefits of using social media for your business.

What social media platforms are there?

There are many social media platforms to market your products and services on, the main ones being:

Facebook– Facebook is a fantastic platform to market on, with over 2.8 billion monthly active users and 7 million users visiting each day. With users from all over the world, your target market can be reached.

Instagram– Instagram was created a few years after facebook but has became one of the most popular platforms. Marketing on instagram targets millions of people daily and setting up an instagram account for your business can massively increase brand awareness.

Tiktok– Tiktok is the most recent social media platform which has really helped both small and big businesses. By releasing a one minute video, your business could be hit with thousands of followers.

Ways social media can benefit your business:

Building brand awareness: By having social media accounts on different platforms, you target thousands of people daily. These people are potential customers and you target more people than you would through the old medium of marketing.

Getting ahead of your competition: Your competition is more than likely definitely on social media meaning they have competitive advantage and are reaching a bigger audience than you. By joining social media channels, you are increasing your chances of being chosen over your competitors.

Reaching a bigger audience: Social media platforms have billions of users. By normal marketing, you may create local brand awareness, but by using social media channels, you will create national and even global brand awareness. You will also create brand loyalty and have users frequently reacting with your channels.

Grow your audience with a small budget: Social media platforms are free to join. You can pay small fees to increase your advertising but this isn’t essential if the funds are not there as you will still interact with thousands of people.

8848 have a team of social media experts who know the ins and outs of social media. To find out how to get started using social media for your business, get in touch now.