ERA Home Security

Launching a pioneering new smart technology product

The challenge

To create a brand identity to launch an innovative new product into the home security market that incorporates the latest smart phone technology. TOUCHKEY is a night latch door lock, that uses your smartphone as your house key, giving you the power to protect your house on the go. It allows you to create virtual keys for visitors and keep track of who’s coming and going. You do not even have to take your phone out of your bag or pocket as it automatically recognises you as you approach. No fuss, just instant access in one simple touch.

How did we do?

We created a brand identity and strapline for TOUCHKEY that promotes the key product benefits, one single touch entry and simple connectivity, ‘The one touch keyless smart lock.’ We gave the identity a friendly, contemporary, clear type face to create impact and created engaging messages and simple illustrations to reinforce the products ease of use, trust, strength and security.

Our digital tease campaign will create intrigue, slowly revealing the product benefits whilst building the brand story. It uses a highly targeted demographic, geographic and behavioural information to locate the target audience, who are a mixture of locksmiths and tech savvy consumers. The product launches in January 2018 so watch this space for the big reveal!

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