The Cube

Making an outstanding landmark stand out online

The challenge

To raise awareness of one of Birmingham’s most eye-catching landmarks, our challenge has been to create iconic brand campaigns that position The Cube as the first choice for everyday luxury.

How did we do?

Using highly-targeted digital media investment, our creative has consistently delivered a 16% uplift in users and a 33% increase in session durations. During the first 12 months, we have demonstrated performance which has surpassed anything the destination has seen before.

Hand in hand with this, our supporting social media programme has increased audience numbers by a whopping 56%. Our creative campaigns have not only driven website traffic, but also increased footfall into The Cube’s exclusive selection of independent restaurant brands.

As well as this, we have also just revitalised The Cube’s online presence, developing a new website that moves the business away from managing commercial space to positioning the building as a luxury leisure destination, in one of the most exciting locations in the city.

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