The Telford Centre

Supporting Telford’s major transformation

The challenge

Telford is undergoing a major transformation and our long-standing partnership with The Telford Centre has put us in a great position to help them drive a step-change in their marketing approach, positioning the Centre as one of the UK’s largest retail and leisure centres, with a growing brand line-up. Our ongoing challenge is to deliver campaigns that build volume growth and drive footfall, enhancing retailer sales.

How did we do?

By delivering a calendar of hard-working creative campaigns to specifically support and drive the Centre’s ongoing programme of engaging events. Our work has not only been adaptable across multi-channel media platforms, but has also made it easy for customers to see everything Telford has to offer.

By delivering aspiration, we have created a desire amongst consumers to want to experience The Telford Centre, whilst leveraging the brands and ensuring context to the offering so that visitors can plan their day out.

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