HiQ Exmouth’s first year success story

An Exmouth entrepreneur is moving a step closer to expanding his business in the automotive industry after celebrating a successful first year with one of the UK’s biggest fast fit networks.

Martin Price and his business partner Mike Pickering opened a HiQ centre on St Andrews Road 12 months ago with aspirations of extending their franchise to three centres.

Now, one year on, Martin believes that tripling the size of his business is a distinct possibility, after laying some firm foundations with HiQ.

Martin said: “It has been a very good year with our customer base trebling for much of the year.

“Expanding to three centres is certainly a possibility that we will be looking into.”

HiQ recently launched a brand new retail calendar for the network, promoting a money saving MOT offer, which Martin said had attracted scores of customers to the forecourt.

He said: “It is great the business is growing, which owes a lot to the brand campaigns that keep customers coming to us for the best local fast fit service.

“As much as it’s about skill, hard work and honesty, we have built our reputation on positive word of mouth and I think we have established ourselves well within the area. We hope we can replicate this for years to come.

“We would also like to thanks all of our new and existing customers for their continuing support.”

HiQ has 165 centres across the UK aims to increase its centre network to 300 branches by 2014, creating many jobs in the process. HiQ Exmouth is now looking for a trainee/semi-skilled fitter to become part of the team.

For more information call Martin on 01395 222600 and to see more of what HiQ offers, visit www.hiqonline.co.uk