We’re not like most other full-service marketing agencies. Really we’re not. We live on a farm, work without ego and banish bureaucracy. It’s what works for us – and works wonders for our clients.

Cultivating creativity

Now when you live on a farm, inspiration just comes naturally. Perhaps it’s the picture-perfect setting. Or the chirpy soundtrack on repeat. However, we believe our great ideas come from our award-winning people. They’re a hardworking bunch, but never hard work. And they love what they do, which is coming up with ideas that surprise and deliver at every turn.

Our creative roots date back to 1999, when there was just one of us. Since then, the tea round has grown to over 20. And we don’t plan on stopping there. We remain as hungry as ever to deliver ideas that drive business and spark conversation. It’s why we continue to seek out the best talent and bravest clients. People and brands that continually challenge us, push us and keep us on our toes. But above all, want to have fun along the way.

Meet the team

We’re an energetic bunch at 8848. You’ll find daring storytellers and dedicated designers. Marketing experts and PR specialists. The list goes on. But while we each have our own specialist subject, all of us work in the exact same way – with honesty, humility and humour. It’s what makes working on the farm so rewarding. Come and see for yourself.

  • Hazel Crawford

    Hazel Crawford
    Managing Director

    Fearless and fabulous in equal measure, Hazel founded Connect PR with Rob Hampton in 1999. Cut to almost 20 years later and Hazel has shaped that business into the forward-thinking, full-service agency you’ll find today. Widely considered one of the Midlands’ leading young business women, Hazel was also the driving force behind making Aspley Farm the headquarters of 8848.

  • James Garrison

    James Garrison
    Account Director

    When it comes to knowing what makes clients smile and the media tick, few are more skilled than James. Joining us in 2011, like everyone else in the 8848 team James is committed to creating engaging and effective campaigns for clients and securing the best possible outcome across all channels.

  • Adrian Wilde

    Adrian Wilde
    Creative Director

    Always questioning, always challenging and always first to roll up his sleeves, 8848 snapped up Adrian at the start of 2018. His brief? To lead a fresh creative direction and drive the agency’s creative output. While his results already speak for themselves, it’s his collaborative nature and ego-free approach that clients and colleagues appreciate most.

  • Jo Roden

    Jo Roden
    Account Director

    Passionate about brand and fanatical about design, it’s hardly a surprise Jo worked for several international retail brands and award-winning design agencies before joining us. At 8848, Jo uses her 20 years’ experience to cut through the marketing noise and ensure every piece of creative that leaves the farm is a cut above.

  • Caroline Garbett

    Caroline Garbett
    Account Director

    For more than 15 years Caroline’s clients have benefitted from skilfully executed creative events, engaging social media programmes and authoritative crisis handling. While specialising in PR, Caroline’s skills are also widely employed by the 8848 marketing team. Be foolish not to really.

  • Liz Collingridge

    Liz Collingridge
    Business Development Director

    Never shy to ask difficult questions, Liz is renowned for her boundless energy and insightful interpretation of business and customer needs, supporting her clients’ strategic thinking and accurately communicating those needs to the wider agency team.

  • Sue Foster

    Sue Foster
    Account Director

    One of our most versatile and commercially minded team members, Sue uses her organisational skills and endless creativity to deliver explosive strategic campaigns across all channels.

  • Nicky Hind

    Nicky Hind
    Account Director

    Whether it’s a small charity or a FTSE 100 company, Nicky’s deliberate and calm approach is used to develop measurable creative solutions that change perceptions and cement relationships. And like all the 8848 team, Nicky specialises in tailoring campaigns to suit the practical needs and aspirations of every client.

  • Emma Taggart

    Emma Taggart
    Account Manager

    Marketing insight expert. Check. Customer journey aficionado. Check. Sunny disposition. Triple check. The latest addition to our growing digital crew, Emma brings a fresh perspective and can-do attitude to everything she works on. Her results-led approach has benefitted a diverse range of clients, from automotive to health and fitness.

  • Sarah Dutton

    Sarah Dutton
    Account Manager

    For 25 years, Sarah has brought hunger and energy to the industry. Always looking for the next challenge, Sarah pushes the team at 8848 to continually strive for perfection and embrace new working practices. After all, that’s what keeps things interesting.

  • Nitin Sharma

    Nitin Sharma
    Video News Manager

    Video production. Photography. Motion design. It’s fair to say Nitin’s experience is as extensive as his toy box of video equipment. And it’s this experience and equipment that’s used to brilliant effect for all our clients, delivering them first-class content that always demands a second view.

  • Charlotte Greenhalgh

    Charlotte Greenhalgh
    Senior Account Executive

    In a team of confident communicators, Charlotte’s unique narrative voice is impossible to miss. With experience in social media strategy, campaign management, lead generation and reporting, Charlotte’s creative-led approach and cross-platform content always delivers killer results.

  • Sean Wozencroft

    Sean Wozencroft
    Account Manager

    Sean has eight years of media experience having started out as a journalist with a leading regional newspaper before joining 8848 in 2014. With a degree in journalism, he has a passion for engaging press releases and in bringing brands to the forefront in the trade press.

  • Stuart Glover

    Stuart Glover
    Senior Account Executive

    At 8848 we pride ourselves on attracting the most awesome, ambitious and affable graduates we can. It’s why we snapped up Stuart straight after he graduated with a First-class BA (hons) Business and Marketing Management degree. A perfect example of our one-team attitude, Stuart contributes to 8848’s marketing, PR and social media.

  • Jackie Winfield

    Jackie Winfield
    Finance and Operations Director

    With more than 20 years’ agency support experience, Jackie is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of 8848’s accounts, purchasing and invoicing. In what is often a bustling work environment, her composed and exhaustive approach is invaluable in maintaining effective day-to-day operations.

  • Ross Watson

    Ross Watson
    Senior Account Executive

    Unapologetically results-driven, Ross’ broad set of content creation skills delivers cut through for a wide selection of our clients. Never one to limit our team’s creative outlets, Ross is also a successful column writer for the Birmingham Mail, providing insight and occasional impartiality on his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers.

  • Judith Sanders

    Judith Sanders
    Account Manager

    With an in-built understanding of what the media wants and needs, Judith’s journalistic skills are used at 8848 to help clients consistently grab the right headlines. Judith can also often be found sharing her 20 years of experience with other areas of the business, helping to reinforce our one team, one goal mindset.

  • Natalie Moore

    Natalie Moore
    Account Manager

    Bringing a modern approach to communication, Natalie’s creativity is used at 8848 to produce innovative, effective content in both the ever-changing world of social media and more traditional marketing channels.

  • Chris Shein

    Chris Shein
    Video News Executive

    With over a decade of industry experience shooting corporate films and primetime TV shows, Chris brings more than just a touch of star quality to the 8848 team. He brings levelheadedness. And an ability to react to ever-changing situations to squeeze the most from every shoot.

  • Sam Taylor

    Sam Taylor
    Senior Account Manager

    Our resident wordsmith, proofreader and editor supremo, Sam’s our go-to grammar guru when we’re unsure whether we need a preposition or conjunction. As a former newspaper editor of 20 years, it’s fair to say Sam has an eye for a story and is highly adept at switching between copy styles.

  • Simon Nutkins

    Simon Nutkins
    Territory Manager

    Black Country born and bred, Simon is 8848’s resident local expert. With a career spanning seven months, Simon has a lifetime of marketing experience under his pelt. While his get-up-and-go attitude has benefitted a wealth of clients, it’s his boundless energy that keeps his colleagues on their toes.


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