HiQ’s Big Deal making a big impression on motorists

The HiQ fast fit network is celebrating a huge retail success story, after its innovative new retail programme yielded thousands of new customers to its forecourts.

HiQ has mirrored many high street fashion chains with a sales proposition called the Big Deal, which aims to align itself with many popular fashion chains and outlets.

The Big Deal initiative was launched with a money saving MOT offer and scores of motorists have made the most of the offer in a big boost for the network’s franchised centres.

Broadway Tyres – one of HiQ’s biggest franchisees with 11 HiQ centres around London and the south east of England – boasted well over 1,000 MOTs in March alone for the first time ever, thanks to the new retail incentive.

Broadway’s Operations Director Gary Oliver said: “A big congratulations must go to all of our centres and the work HiQ has done as a whole to turn this concept into reality.”

And in a further boost, Easy Tyres & Autocentres which owns 24 HiQ centres in the Midlands, has also praised the HiQ Big Deal for driving sales.

Easy Tyres Marketing Manager, Emma-Jane Kisby said: “We have posted one of our best ever trading months due to the Big Deal campaign, so the Big Deal has been a hugely successful campaign, particularly in the current climate.”

The Big Deal adds weight to HiQ’s ongoing effort to create a memorable retail experience in the fast fit industry, on a par with many high street offerings.

HiQ Retail Director Peter Tye said the early signs were extremely promising for the new retail campaign.

He said: “Creating good value for our customers lies at the heart of what we do. This campaign is therefore extremely important to us and we are delighted with the early sales figures and feedback we have received.”

“We have over 90 per cent of the network signed up to it and their enthusiasm has undoubtedly played a big part in driving the success of this retail proposition.”

The HiQ fast fit network boasts the only franchised, partnership led structure in the industry and believes such a set-up is helping the brand steal a march on competitors.

Peter added: “Our strength as a national brand, backed by local entrepreneurs at each of our centres, is a compelling proposition, and we are seeing the results of this here through our Big Deal.

 “As we continue to grow, it is important to keep driving for a national network approach and delivering new prospects for our yearly retail calendar and we have taken huge steps in achieving this with the successes we have seen so far.”

The HiQ Big Deal is supported by Ad word advertising with Google, while it has been further strengthened with investment taken from a six figure online marketing budget, outlined at the network’s recent national conference.