Greener motoring that cuts costs revealed at show

Visitors to the Company Car in Action (CCA) show this month will discover how they can run greener fleets whilst saving up to 40 per cent on their running costs.

Autogas Limited is inviting fleet managers at the show to test drive a Mazda 6 that has been converted to run on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Autogas key accounts manager, Paul Oxford, explains:

“LPG is an ideal fuel for fleets of all sizes, but particularly fleets where drivers are travelling long distances or are ‘on the road’ for long periods. With more than 1,400 public LPG refuelling sites up and down the country, the LPG network is established and accessible ready for fleet users to enjoy immediate savings.”

The majority of Autogas Limited LPG refuelling sites are located on Shell forecourts at easy and convenient locations such as motorway service stations and major trunk roads. This means drivers can continue to use fuel cards when topping up their tank and can refuel at a forecourt that includes extra facilities such as a shop, refreshments and service areas.

Vehicles running on LPG produce far less carbon dioxide than equivalent petrol or diesel vehicles, but they also emit far fewer of the other harmful emissions such as oxides of nitrogen and microscopic particles, known as PM10s, which are found in diesel and petrol and have a damaging effect on the environment.

Paul adds: “In fact vehicles running on LPG produce 17 per cent less carbon dioxide than petrol. In terms of oxides of nitrogen, which is equally as harmful to the environment, Autogas delivers 120 per cent less than petrol and a staggering 2,000 per cent less than diesel.

“PM10, or small particle, emissions, which have been singled out in road pollution studies as being particularly harmful to children are also significantly reduced in vehicles running on Autogas; figures show 120 per cent less PM10 emissions than diesel vehicles. Even a small increase in the number of vehicles using Autogas instead of petrol or diesel could have a huge impact on the environment, given these figures.”

The Company Car in Action show takes place at Millbrook Proving Ground on 28 & 29 June 2011. Fleet managers can register to attend the show by visiting

Anyone wishing to test drive the LPG fuelled Mazda vehicles will need to pre-register for the show and bring both parts of their driving licence and have the original documents, not photocopies. Drivers must also be over the age of 25 and a full safety briefing will take place prior to track test drives.