HiQ slams government over changes to MOT tests

The HiQ fast fit network has slammed the Government over controversial plans to relax its laws on MOT testing, declaring: “The pockets of motorists will be hit harder than ever.”

Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond hopes to introduce the initial MOT test for new cars after four years instead of three, as it currently stands today.

Instead of backing the Government’s argument that the extended period will save money for drivers, HiQ is arguing the opposite effect and has pledged its support for the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) in its bid to block the move.

HiQ is even urging motorists to contact their local MPs in opposition to changes from 3-1-1 year frequency to 4-2-2 year intervals, asking them to provide photographic evidence of vehicles failing their first MOT test after three years.

The network will deliver a ‘chamber of horrors’ illustration to the IAAF to show the various defects that vehicles are beset with after three years on the road.

HiQ’s fast fit manager Stuart Carr said: “The government is claiming that by considering this change, consumers will save money because modern day cars don’t need their vehicles tested as often.

“The worry is that within the extended interim period, motorists will be driving around with defects that could have more severe costs to repair when the vehicle gets tested.

“It also raises alarm bells on safety grounds. We believe that the change in law would negatively impact upon the number of road deaths and casualties on our roads each year.

 “As a hard franchised network of independent garages, we always call for improvements to the benefits of our business and to motorists, but in this case, it is important to clarify that we are campaigning on behalf of the consumer, for money saving and safety.”

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