Stourport lorry driver is a hero of the roads


A selfless Stourport lorry driver can claim to be an official hero of the roads after winning a prestigious nationwide award and £1,000 worth of free fuel.

Richard Oakley won the HiQ Highways Hero accolade, which aims to honour motorists across the UK who have shown remarkable acts of compassion at the roadside.

Richard, of St Michaels Close came to the rescue of an injured motorcyclist who came off his bike on the notorious A442 road in March.

He was presented with the fuel vouchers at his local HiQ branch in Comberton Hill, Kidderminster, where marketing manager Emma-Jane Kisby, centre manager Steve Williams and rest of the team congratulated him for his efforts.

Nominated by wife Gemma, Richard assisted a shaken motorcyclist after he came off his bike on a bend.

Richard stopped and assessed the man for injuries before taking him and his destroyed bike back to Kidderminster, where he was checked over at hospital.

HiQ’s retail director Peter Tye said: “This is an inspiring story definitely worthy of recognition.

“Without Richard taking the initiative to stop, the man’s injuries could have been a lot worse and he would have been left stranded at the roadside.

“It was a hard decision picking a winner but Richard’s kind-hearted act of compassion on the day earnt him this award.”

Richard said: “I can’t believe I’ve won this award. I was surprised my wife nominated me in the first place as it’s a deed I think most people would do if put in the same situation.

“I’m humbled and very thankful to HiQ for the fuel vouchers. They will go a long way especially given the cost of fuel at the moment.”