Mitsubishi Pencil Co.'s office superheroes fly into office* 2011 - 8848

Mitsubishi Pencil Co.’s office superheroes fly into office* 2011

Superheroes from the office world descended upon this year’s office* show at Earls Court to delve into the heroic world of Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

On stand 7024, PAs and office managers heralded a range of writing instruments that will assist them during a busy day at work.

A range of ‘office heroes’ from the reliable and well proven uni-ball eye, to the safe and trustworthy Signo 207, were sampled by visitors throughout the show’s main hall and seminars.

“It was a pleasure to meet with so many visitors at the show,” said Stuart Barker, marketing manager for Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

“Office workers are under so much pressure these days and our range of writing instruments can become your valuable ally in your daily quest for office efficiency.

“Whether you see it in yourself or in your colleagues, we can all identify with and exhibit superhero characteristics in our daily working lives. From the reliable and the cool headed who deliver under pressure, to the adaptable hard worker who saves the day, isn’t it time that you had the perfect sidekick in hand to see you through your busy day?”