Man breaks world record for crumpet consumption! - 8848

Man breaks world record for crumpet consumption!

A Liverpool man with a bizarre craving for crumpets and marmalade has secured his place in the Guinness World Records, despite several health warnings from concerned work colleagues.

Richard Knowles, aged 50, has eaten nothing but crumpets for the last three months, breaking the previous record for consecutive crumpet eating by an impressive three weeks.

But despite setting a new record, Richard is still eating around 12 batter-based treats a day, causing a great deal of concern to close family and friends.

Reflecting on his achievements, Richard said: “I’m extremely proud of myself for pushing my body to limit and securing the record.

“A lot of people don’t know the pleasure a crumpet can bring, what with their characteristic flat top, small pores and chewy texture. People frustrate me when they eat crumpets because they don’t prepare them properly. They taste best when cooked thoroughly and served with a slab of marmalade – but a lot of people frequently undercook them and apply butter.”

A worried work-colleague said: “It’s becoming an unhealthy habit, there’s no variety in Rich’s diet anymore, and the toaster is like charcoal!”

Another work colleague said: “Rich can stick his crumpets up his arse, he never shares!”