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X Factor trade mark tussle is lesson for local businesses

Businesses in the region should take note and act on the recent trademark tussle in ITV’s X Factor, according to a local intellectual property lawyer.

Amy Hylton, a solicitor at Higgs & Sons, says that the recent controversy between girl group Rhythmix and a children’s charity of the same name based in Brighton, demonstrates that no matter what your size, researching the name of your business prior to launch is essential.

Amy explains: “Anyone that follows X Factor will know that Rhythmix had to change its name to Little Mix after the registered charity had concerns about the girl group using the same name and started a campaign to get the group to change its name.

“The case highlights the benefits of having a brand name registered as a trade mark. This was the case for Rhythmix the charity and it certainly reaped the rewards against a party with significantly greater resources!

“I hope local businesses take note of these circumstances and appreciate the advantage that protecting intellectual property can bring.”

Trade marks can be relatively cost efficient to obtain and, as witnessed in the Rhythmix dispute, can prove invaluable in preventing another party adopting the same name.

For further information on trade marks and the application process please contact Amy Hylton at Higgs and Sons Solicitors on 0845 111 5050.

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