HiQ’s tyre labelling campaign beginning to motor

The HiQ fast fit network is so determined to make motorists take notice of ‘groundbreaking’ EU tyre labelling legislation that it has designed a car to show them what it is all about.

HiQ believes that EU tyre labelling legislation – which will come into effect in 2012 – is the biggest single development to impact upon the tyre retailing industry in the last 50 years.

However, the company’s research has revealed that 87 per cent of drivers know nothing about it, which is why it has commissioned a tyre label awareness Fiat 500 car which will be roaming the UK in the New Year.

And the first person in the driver’s seat was motorsport legend Murray Walker, who was on hand to unveil the car at HiQ’s recent national franchise conference.

The law will order every garage in the UK to display information about every tyre’s performance, including wet grip, exterior noise and fuel efficiency.

It will mirror the white goods retail industry, where consumers can clearly see how energy efficient different models are, while banishing jargon and assumption based shopping at the same time.

HiQ commissioned research – involving 2,000 motorists – through OnePoll, which revealed that 67 per cent of people want to know more about the benefits of the law, despite 87 per cent of them not knowing what it was before HiQ explained.

HiQ believes the EU legislation will force garages to change their ways and is taking the lead on the issue by educating British motorists and the benefits of this legislation for them, as a consumer.

Retail director Peter Tye said: “We are the only fast fit network to welcome this legislation because our sole objective is to empower the consumer and give them higher levels of service.

“Our research tells us that British motorists are with us in wanting to understand how the legislation affects them as a consumer.

“That is why we have added weight to our ongoing £500,000 education programme with a specially created car to make motorists stand up and take notice.”

HiQ’s £500,000 education programme includes:

1. Innovative point-of-sale tyre selectors at each of HiQ’s 150 centres

2. The first retail guide to tyre labelling available via the HiQ online website.

3. HiQ Academy’s new ‘Tyre Expert’ programme; including tyre technical training, retail selling skills and an industry first Tyre Labelling Certification module.

4. Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) assessments for all 700 technicians to raise standards, through theory based modules and then practical assessments.

5. Telephone and video Mystery Shopping Programme including weekly telephone call recordings at its 150 centres.