Motorists vow to keep calm and carry on – according to their resolutions

Motorists across the UK can expect to see less middle lane motorway hogging and more patience in place of ‘road rage’ – if their New Year’s Resolutions are anything to go by.

The HiQ fast fit network can offer an uplifting 2012 message for drivers, after its recent survey revealed that hundreds of motorists are to make a concerted attempt to improve their manners on the highway.

Out of 500 drivers questioned about their New Year Resolutions, 21 per cent said they would stop hogging the middle lane of motorways.

Eighteen per cent said they would keep calm instead of seeing the ‘red mist’, while 15 per cent vowed to acknowledge other drivers at all times when being given the right of way.

HiQ issued the survey as a light hearted attempt to engage with its customers as more of them return to the brand’s forecourts after the Christmas break.

Fast Fit Magaer, Stuart Carr, said: “We all make New Year’s Resolutions that never last, but hopefully these will.

“There is a serious message behind this survey too. The winter weather can pose some challenging driving conditions for us all, so any actions that motorists take to improve their driving habits has got to be a good one, no matter what it is.“

The top 10 driver New Year Resolutions are:
1. Motorists vacating motorway middle lane unless necessary – 21 per cent
2. Road rage! Motorists keeping calm instead of getting road rage – 18 per cent
3. Drivers acknowledging when being given right of way – 15 per cent
4. ‘Amber gamblers’ to stop at yellow lights – 12 per cent
5. Using indicators more regularly – 10 per cent
6. Keeping distance 8 per cent
7. Using mobile phone while driving – 7 per cent
8. De-icing car thoroughly before setting off on journey – 4 per cent
9. Smoking behind the wheel – 3 per cent
10. Keeping music down on car stereo – 2 per cent
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