Generous cash injection saves Cornish garage

A tyre manufacturer has been commended by Cornwall Council after stepping in to save a fast fit centre in a £200,000 restoration scheme.

The HiQ centre, in West End, Bodmin, was on the verge of collapse but has been completely restored in a building project which took six months.

HiQ is the franchise fast fit arm of Goodyear Dunlop, which covered the complete cost of the restoration work at HiQ Bodmin and included the build of a new diagnostic area for engine and gearbox repair.

Now Goodyear Dunlop has received a letter from Health and Safety inspectors at Cornwall Council praising them for their efforts.

The letter relays the appreciation of the department for a project which ran into considerable cost.

It adds: “It is always satisfying to work with a company in respect to health and safety issues when the outcome is a positive result for all concerned.”

The owner of HiQ Bodmin, Justin Roberton, said he was delighted with the way the building work had progressed and with the final result.

“I can’t thank Goodyear Dunlop enough for saving the building and I am delighted that the local authority has commended the company for its efforts.

“The work took a long time and was very costly and I am just grateful to all concerned for their support.”

“Our customers have been extremely understanding of the work undertaken and we’re glad to be able to open a new diagnostic area and expand our service offering to motorists as a result.”

HiQ offer complete car maintenance services including tyre checks and repair, batteries, shocks, diagnostics and MOT’s.

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