This week we’re all about setting goals and making exciting plans for the year ahead here at Connect PR HQ.

Setting ambitious, yet achievable targets is extremely important and is a powerful tool that will bring about strong returns in all areas of life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know what you have to concentrate on and improve.

I’ve set a few goals of my own this week – I’ve entered a half marathon which I’ll be running in March, and have enrolled in ‘Spanish for Beginners’ classes at a local college.

Although I love running, I simply can’t get motivated to grab my trainers and go for a five mile jog unless I’ve got a reason for going. Entering this race is the incentive I need and, as I’m running for charity too, I’ve now got the motivation to train (even on those cold dark nights when I’d rather be watching my Downton Abbey DVD box set). Setting challenging goals like these will definitely keep me on my toes during 2013.

We’ve been busy making big plans with our clients too. Planning meetings are always fun; aside from enjoying the delicious cakes and cups of tea – it’s a chance to brainstorm, throw ideas around, and get really revved up and inspired for the year ahead.

Take our fantastic client WD-40 Multi-Use Product – we’ll be helping them celebrate the brands’ 60th anniversary in September and we’ve been beavering away on an exciting top secret project which will see them celebrate this momentous milestone with a great big bang (watch this space for more information).

And all plans are finalised with our client tyre manufacturer Goodyear – we’ve got a jam packed PR schedule which will continue to promote their vital road safety initiatives. We’re also extremely happy to announce that we’ll be working with celebrity ambassador and motoring guru Quentin Willson again on some new ventures.

So the coming year looks bright and busy, with plenty of exciting events and splendid stories in the pipeline!

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Jenny, Account Manager