The PR team in 2013

Here’s an update on the team looking after the Persimmon account and contact details to make sure you can find us when you need us.

Our landline number is 01902 714957. We have a manned reception from 8:30am to 6:00pm.

Personal contact details are:

Hazel Crawford-Upton, directing national Persimmon PR. Mobile 07974 230690. Email Please feel free to talk to Hazel at any time.

Kathy Hodson, directing Thames Valley, Essex and Southern. Mobile 07890 381725. Email

Lee Southen, directing Wessex, East Midlands, North Midlands, Severn Valley, South West, North East and Teesside. Mobile 07971 465739. Email

Laura Newton, directing East Wales and West Wales. Mobile 07837985696. Email

Caroline Garbett, directing Lancashire, North West, South Coast, West Midlands, Anglia, South East and Midlands. Mobile 07850 796237. Email

Nicky Hind (replacing Sue Foster on maternity leave) directing West Scotland, East Scotland, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire and South Midlands. Mobile 07850 274889. Email