True grit and determination

As the end of one of the hardest months of the year looms we here at Connect PR are still going strong. January is the month of challenging resolutions, dried out bank accounts and the Christmas bulge.

As we are over half way through the month now people’s will power to keep their resolutions are beginning to flake. Defeat is on the horizon when even the mouldy doughnut in the office’s fridge is starting to look appetising, not forgetting the alarming red minus figure that appears on your bank balance.

However here at Connect PR we have overcome our temptations and feel on top of the world. I have not so much as sniffed a chocolate bar since January the 1st and the work clothes are becoming a little looser round the mid-rift area. Although I have a long way to go yet I am certainly not giving in to the several boxes of biscuits in the Connect PR kitchen.

My other resolution is to finally save enough money to get a deposit for a house. Last year proved difficult due to my addiction to shopping and the purchasing of an item of clothing EVERY week. Thanks to Connect PR providing me with a job straight out of university and not one item of clothing being brought so far, moving out is becoming more of a reality.

Working on an account like Persimmon Homes has certainly made me realise that it isn’t impossible and that buying my own home CAN be done. There is so much help out there that I didn’t even realise existed until working on Persimmon. As cheesy as it sounds you really are not alone in this.

Right, here comes the sales bit that everyone has told me to take out, but that I think is quite useful information. Jump to the next paragraph if you don’t want to be sold to

Persimmon Homes offers first time buyers schemes such as NewBuy, which means you only need to find a 5% deposit but more importantly it has no salary cap. Another option to consider is FirstBuy this opens up a 75% mortgage product with an equity loan of 20% split between Persimmon and the Government equally. I will certainly be looking into these options once I have a reasonable deposit.

If you are a first time buyer I seriously recommend looking into Persimmon and what they can offer and that isn’t me being biased, this is me also being a first time buyer and knowing how difficult it really is.

I know that I will eventually get there, with a little less spending and a little more saving. Watch this space.

Stacey, account executive