Positive planning brings rewards

The snow has all but melted from our roads, fields and gardens, and talk is already focused on a recurrence of the 2012 floods (partly due to the current snow melt causing flooding), the struggling economy and the general malaise of society.

Even as a nation synonymous with putting ourselves down, this is surely a time when we should all take a stance, be positive and play our part in making our lives, and this country, a better place.

The spirit of 2012 and the Olympic and Paralympic Games should live on as we strive to make the most of the year.

Here at Connect PR we’ve already seen a new arrival, we’re counting it as 2013 even though technically the birth was just hours before the chimes of Big Ben introduced the New Year – see how easy it is to be positive!

And so on to reflections of January, the ‘change’ month, one that sees people take on various challenges that often fade away like the recent snow.

Gym memberships, giving up alcohol and spending less time in the office are all common activities January is renowned for – only a few will survive until spring.

It is also the month when planning for the year takes place, both in the office and at home.

The thoughts of Christmas are soon forgotten during early January as the Connect PR office analyses the conclusions of 2012 activity and shows its creative flair in future plans, to make 2013 even better for our clients.

I’ve been involved with some varied and really interesting concepts and ideas for the year ahead; if they come to fruition it promises to be a full-on and successful 12 months.

Now as we start February it’s the time when we start to see the fruits of our January labour, with a whole host of media activity starting to emerge for clients.

Colleagues shouting about success for clients are beginning to take over the office and the buzz it creates is infectious.

We’re all inspired by each bit of success and it provides everyone with a burst of adrenaline to strive for that moment when they can hail positive news from work they have done.

Thanks to the hard work in January, every day there are shrieks of delight as another client makes the headlines.

The ‘change’ month of has seen us quickly shift through the gears, so as February begins we’re in top gear to ensure our clients are provided with an unrivalled service from a dedicated, success-driven team.

So to those who went without alcohol in January (and those who didn’t), raise a glass of your favourite tipple, toast your planning, drink to your success and cheer your continued hard work. Don’t forget Christmas is just 11 months away…


Richard, account director