Specialist Cars Dunfermline boosts the sales team with two new appointments

Specialist Cars Dunfermline has added strength to its sales team with the appointment of two new customer account executives.

The flourishing car retailer took on the experienced sales staff to help it cope with the demands of its thriving business.

Dale Norton (52) was actually a customer at the Crossgates Road retailer before he became a member of staff. He was so impressed with the service at Specialist Cars Dunfermline that he bought four cars over a five year period.

“I bought a Volkswagen Sirocco in 2009, a Tiguan in 2011, a Passat last year and a Mark 7 Golf this February. It is safe to say I love Volkswagens!

“The service I received as a customer was second to none. The atmosphere was relaxed and the staff made sure the car-buying process was so smooth that I didn’t need to go anywhere else.”

Having previously worked as service operations manager at a refuse collections vehicles manufacturer, he says the best part of his job was working with sales people and interacting with them, which he looks forward to doing more of at Specialist Cars.

“I love interacting with people. My focus here will be on delivering continued high levels of customer service that customers expect from a prestigious brand like Volkswagen.”

Dan Saunderson (26) has been in sales since he was just 19, including a short stint in a sports shop and in a jewellers for the past six years.

He said: “I love working with customers. I have what they call ‘the gift of the gab’.

“I actually left college as a qualified chef; I went on to work as a cook and a waiter for the army but decided it just wasn’t for me. I then dabbled in the life of a skiing instructor, before eventually falling into sales.”

On why he decided to move into the motor trade he said: “I love cars, especially Volkswagens. Growing up in Germany, Volkswagens were everywhere. It was our family car for most of my childhood, so it is something I can connect with. “

Having joined the company just a few months ago, the father of one said the company’s family orientated attitude is what drives him to succeed.

“I am a big family man. Family is what motivates me to do the best in everything I do. And the fact that Volkswagen has such a warm family friendly culture, it really resonates with me.”

Paul Lanni, Brand Manager at Specialist Cars Fife, said: “We are delighted to welcome our new recruits to the team.

“As we continue to grow the team while deepening our relationship with customers, we also want to ensure that we have the strongest possible sales team in place at Specialist Cars.

“Dan and Dale are bringing great experience to our company that will help accelerate our innovation and better serve our customers.”

For more information about Specialist Cars Dunfermline call 0845 389 6189.