South Wales businesses drive yearly performance

Two South Wales van businesses are celebrating an outstanding 2013 performance, recording a 17 per cent increase in new vehicle registrations, compared to 2012.

The fantastic results from the Sinclair Van Centres in Cardiff and Swansea, have contributed to record-breaking national Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles network results, which has seen an increase of 19.4 per cent in new vehicle registrations for 2013.

The network’s best-ever annual registration figures increased to 37,267 compared to 31,207 in 2012 which has strengthened its position in the light commercial vehicle sector to a record high of 13.4 per cent (12.6 per cent in 2012).

Sinclair van Centre achieved the following results as its Volkswagen Transporter sales proved the most popular, having driven a 15 per cent increase compared to 2012 figures.

The Crafter recorded an increase of 50 per cent compared to 2012 while deliveries of the Amarok pick-up witnessed a whopping 135 per cent rise.

Tim Gowling, head of business at Sinclair Van Centre Cardiff said: “The market has been tough but our products and service have proved to offer the reliability and value for money that van drivers are looking for.”

Clive Hopkins, Head of Business at Swansea Van Centre added: “We are delighted with our increased performance in both sales and customer satisfaction; this has been due to all our staff committing to meeting our customer’s needs consistently through 2013.