A Liverpool business is  delivering a boost for local charities and community groups by launching a new initiative.

Volkswagen Van Centre Liverpool is offering organisations and charities in the region the opportunity to borrow one of their vehicles for a weekend.

The Volkswagen business is launching the ‘Charity Chariot’ initiative as part of the company’s goal to support the local community.

Successful applicants will need to demonstrate why they need the vehicle and how it will benefit the local community as Bruce Henderson, sales manager at Volkswagen Van Centre Liverpool, explains.

“The local community is very important to us and we are committed to offering our support where we can; Either way we are very happy to loan our ‘Charity Chariot’ to help worthy causes.

“It may be that the charity has an event and needs an extra vehicle to transport equipment or it might be that a community group needs to transport its supporters either way we are happy to consider all applications.”

A Transporter van, which can carry two passengers and a driver, will be made available for weekend use and will incur no rental charges*. Charity and community groups will only be required to cover fuel costs.

Bruce added: “All applications must have a Liverpool postcode as its registered address and will be judged on the benefits that the van will bring to the community.

Charities and community groups are requested to send their application to

*£500 excess will be incurred if any damage is caused to the vehicle during the loan period.