Lee Longlands selects RBS as new banking partner - 8848

Lee Longlands selects RBS as new banking partner

Lee Longlands, the UK furniture retailer, today announced RBS as the company’s new banking partner after agreeing an undisclosed funding deal with the bank.

The appointment is made as Lee Longlands sets out its future growth and development plans, which will involve substantial investment to key areas of the business.

The company has six stores across the Midlands and Oxfordshire located in Birmingham, Derby, Cheltenham, Leamington Spa and Abingdon.

Darren Campo, financial director for Lee Longlands, said: “As the business changes we need to bring in a major financial organisation to help us manage and drive future developments”.

“Refinancing with RBS was an extremely important part of our overall corporate strategy and is critical to us achieving our forward strategic goals.”

Ian Morgan, Relationship Director at RBS said: “Lee Longlands is a well established
business and we are delighted to be working in partnership with them as they seek to invest in further growth. They have recorded impressive turnover figures over recent years and we look forward to helping them achieve their aggressive future targets.”

For more information about Lee Longlands visit www.leelonglands.co.uk.