A new high-quality transmission fluid created primarily for Mercedes-Benz cars has been given the stamp of approval by the German automotive giant.

Leading oil blender Morris Lubricants has developed Liquimatic DX14, a premium product which ensures efficient and effective gearshift under a variety of loads and operating conditions.

It is recommended for the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz seven-speed rear wheel drive automatic gearboxes and all AMG models and is the only acceptable transmission fluid for NAG2V Sport transmission and the 7G-Tronic models, W7A 700/NAG2.

The oil has been officially approved by Mercedes after rigorous testing.

Meanwhile, three other Morris Lubricants products – the Lodexol DX90, Lodexol DX80, Lodexol HPS 75W-90 – have also received approval from Mercedes.

The Liquimatic DX14 can also be used in five-speed models that employ a controlled torque converter lockup clutch for rear-wheel drive vehicles, which are also fitted in some Chrysler models.

The transmission fluid, which is red in colour, ensures positive and continuous frictional control and a smooth, vibration free drive. It has a high level of thermal and oxidative stability and encourages reduced fluid loss due to low volatility.

The products have been created by Morris Lubricants’ team of scientists at the firm’s laboratories at headquarters in Shrewsbury. Each one is put through an extensive series of tests to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Morris Lubricants automotive product manager Adrian Hill said the Liquimatic DX14 was a key addition to the firm’s portfolio of products, which is now more than 800 lines strong, and responds to the needs of the market.

He said: “Every vehicle needs slightly different oils to ensure they perform to their best. We meticulously create blends for each different application, and we are proud of the Liquimatic DX14 for the seven-speed automatic Mercedes.

“The fact that it has been tested and approved by Mercedes guarantees its quality.

“We need to educate people about using the right type of oil and the difference that can make to the way the engine performs.”

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