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UK motorists running their cars into the ground

Millions of car owners in the UK are depreciating the value of their cars by failing to keep them in good condition a poll has revealed.

The study, published today by professional car care company Autoglym, reveals motorists could lose as much as £2k when re-selling their cars, but with a few simple car care tips cash strapped Brits could save themselves thousands.

The research exposes many UK drivers as lazy when it comes to the up-keep of their vehicles, with more than 90 per cent agreeing that a well maintained and clean car will have more value, and yet a quarter admit they don’t take pride in their motor.

The results have led Autoglym, which creates car care products to protect all areas of a vehicle, including the bodywork, engine, wheels glass, and interior, to campaign for Brits to clean up their act when it comes to cars.  Backed by racing driver and Formula One legend, Johnny Herbert, the company have created a short film guide called ‘cleaning up Britain’s cars’ to show how easy it is to look after your car.

The poll also reveals that less than one in five car owners check their oil the recommended once a week, with a quarter admitting they only do it once a year at best, with similar numbers when it comes to checking water.

Many are also lax on fixing what could be serious mechanical problems, with one in five car owners admitting they continue driving on worn brakes for a couple of weeks or more, a quarter wait a month to check annoying rattles, and more than a third won’t immediately investigate warning lights.

Furthermore, over 40 per cent will wait more than three months to repair dents or scratches, while one in ten admit they just leave them.

One in seven surveyed wash their car or clean the inside once a year at best, one in ten admit they’ve never hand washed their vehicle and 60 per cent only wax their car annually.

Johnny Herbert said: “Regardless of market depreciation, a car that is kept in tip-top condition can be worth thousands more than one that is not.

“There’s simply a lack of care and knowledge when it comes to looking after our vehicles, but with the right products and know how we can all save money in the long run – it’s time we all started to take pride in our cars.”

Autoglym’s Chief Executive Paul Caller is urging UK motorists to maintain their cars more regularly. He said: “It’s shocking to see that the majority of car owners depreciate their own vehicles by not looking after them.

“Simple things like sealing and protecting your paintwork from environmental contaminants such as damaging UV rays will extend the life of your car bodywork and help keep the vehicles value.

“We’ve created a video called ‘cleaning up Britain’s cars’ to help UK motorists learn more about how easy it is to look after your car and hopefully save them money – we hope this will spark car owners into action and will transform Britain’s cars from messy motors to vauable vehicles.”

Produced by industry experts, the guide contains advice on the correct cleaning procedure for all aspects of your car allowing you to achieve excellent results, quickly and easily.