Volkswagen retailer urges motorists to make time for a holiday health check - 8848

Volkswagen retailer urges motorists to make time for a holiday health check

With the promise of a hot and sunny summer, Hereford motorists are being urged to check their vehicles are in the best condition for the holiday season.

And to make life easier for the rising number of Brits opting to holiday in the UK, South Hereford Garages are offering a 34–point health check for all makes and models for just £25.

Vehicles will be examined in all vital areas including brakes, steering, tyre condition and lights along with fluid levels such as water, oil, brake, coolant and battery.

Charles Richards, brand manager at South Hereford Garages, believes the economic climate has affected holidaymakers’ habits, with more people actively trying to cut the cost of their holiday by staying in the UK.

He said: “Latest figures show that the number of Brits choosing to stay in the UK for their summer holidays has increased by 15% in the last year.*

“And as a business, we want to take away the stresses of holidaying in the UK with practical and affordable solutions.

“The health check gives South Hereford Garages a chance to help drivers make the most of their summer holiday in the safest and most cost effective way.”

The check can be booked directly with the retailer’s service department on Centurion Way and takes about an hour to complete.

Charles added: “Going on holiday doesn’t have to be stressful, and it’s up to us as retailers to help motorists get the most out of their cars this Summer.”

For further information about the Summer health check contact South Hereford Garages on 01432 376 200.