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Sinclair Volkswagen get a glimpse of the future

Wales’s largest family owned group of car retailers has been hand-picked to test the World’s most fuel efficient car.

Sinclair Group owner and managing Director Gerald Sinclair was selected to test drive Volkswagen’s newly launched most futuristic looking one litre car the XL1.

Standing just 45.4 inches tall the XL1 has an aerodynamic look based on sports car design principles  that easily disguises the record breaking combined fuel efficiency that is capable of 313 miles per gallon, the equivalent of a journey from London to Newcastle.

In technical terms the revolutionary XL1, can accelerate from rest to 62 miles per hour in just 11.9 seconds, has a top speed of 160 kilometres per hour and can deliver fuel consumption of 0.91/100km – a feat that has not been achieved by any other vehicle to date.

“The XL1 is a ground-breaking concept for Volkswagen that has already won a Design of the Year Award and I was very proud to be among the first to test drive the world’s most efficient car”, said Gerald Sinclair.

“I have been selling cars for over 40 years and can honestly say that I have never seen and driven anything quite like the XL1, it was thoroughly exhilarating!  The ground-breaking sporty design and gull-wing doors make you feel like racing driver and sitting in tandem with your passenger is quite different to anything else I have experienced.”

The pioneering technology and innovative design of the XL1 reflects Volkswagen’s interpretation of the future of the passenger car and its handcrafted-like production will produce just 200.  Much of the bodywork is lightweight strong carbon fibre reinforced polymer resulting in an overall weight of just 795kg which is said to be less than a polar bear.

The materials used in the production are not only light in weight they are very safe with intelligently designed loads paths that provide the necessary survival space in the event of a crash.  The cabin, known as the monocoque, has a sandwich structure that is specially designed to absorb a large share of crash energy.

The plug-in hybrid benefits from a two-cylinder TDI engine that emits only 21g/km of CO2, a 7-speed dual-clutch and lithium-ion battery that can be charged using a conventional household electric outlet and can regenerate and store energy.  The vehicle can be driven up to 50 kilometres in pure electric mode with zero emissions.

Gerald added: “I’m sure that the XL1 will feature prominently in the evolutionary history of motor cars and feel honoured that Sinclair Volkswagen were invited to play their part in its launch.”

Costing in the region of £98,515 the XL1 is currently touring the UK.