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Top tips on removing gluey mess left by old tax disc holder

Motorists could be facing a rather sticky problem as the traditional tax disc ceases to exist in paper form this month – a gluey mess on their windscreen.

The tax disc, which was first seen in 1921, is being replaced by an electronic system which means thousands of motorists face trying to remove their tax disc holder from their windscreen without creating a sticky mess.

However, premium car care company Autoglym has some top tips on what to do with the glue to make sure your windscreen is smear free.

Autoglym’s Technical Director, Paul Coley, said: “The changes mean a lot of people will be pulling off their tax disc holders which are held on with glue or sticky glue pads.

“As these were never really intended to be removed, they can leave a gluey outline or other stubborn mark on the inside of the windscreen.

“Our Intensive Tar Remover is perfect for breaking down and removing this residue quickly and safely. Just apply a little to a clean cloth and dab onto the glue. Leave for a minute or two and then rub the residue away. Finish by cleaning the glass with Fast Glass. It really is that simple.”

Under the new rules, motorists will now have to register their car online to pay Vehicle Excise Duty, otherwise known as road tax. This can be done via Direct Debit on the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), on the phone, or at a Post Office branch.

Those who don’t register will be caught out by number plate recognition cameras which track every vehicle on the road.

Paul added: “This is a major shake-up of the way we tax our vehicles, but at least people do not need to have a lasting memory of their old tax disc holder smeared across their windscreens.”

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