Selecting the correct oil and lubricant for each application has never been more important – and one of the top manufacturers in Europe has come up with a simple way to make the job much easier.

Morris Lubricants has launched WHATOIL? – which can be found at – as a user-friendly internet-based system which advises the correct product simply by entering a few basic details.

For passenger cars and motorcycles, it’s as easy as entering a registration plate number and the programme will produce a list of the recommended products for the engine, gearbox and brakes.

The selection tool also works for advising the correct Morris products for vehicles and machines in the commercial vehicle, agriculture, off-highway and industrial sectors.

The tool uses the latest responsive technology, meaning it works just as well on smartphone devices and tablets as it does on a computer and can be used abroad by Morris Lubricants’ growing band of international clients.

The new WHATOIL? system replaces the previous tool on the Morris Lubricants website, which has served thousands of customers well for years.

Morris Lubricants marketing manager Craig Bastable said the selector application would make the job of choosing the correct high quality lubricant or oil easier than ever.

He said: “Choosing the right product is absolutely crucial. Every engine is different and requires a particular specification of oil. Get it wrong and it can cause serious problems and failures and have major financial implications.

“Our previous selection tool has been well used over the years but the new WHATOIL? system is easier, more attractive and more informative.

“Crucially, it can be used on mobile devices and tablets which means it can be accessed within seconds by aftermarket professionals in garages or maintenance professionals from locations such as workshops and factory floors.

“WHATOIL? will advise on the best products, but our technical support team are still available on the telephone to offer any more assistance and advice that is required.

“It means that we’ll be able to offer a top quality, all-round service package to our new and existing customers.”

Morris Lubricants is a British company that has been manufacturing lubricants in Shrewsbury since 1869. Over 140 years of development has seen the company grow to become one of Europe’s leading oil blenders and marketers, with a reputation for quality and service.

The company offers an extensive range of performance lubricants covering a wide variety of application areas. This is backed by the highest level of quality control and technical support, together with an experienced customer service team.