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Yale high visibility seatbelt now standard across ICE range

Recognising the importance of safety and an employer’s commitment to keeping their workforce as safe as possible, Yale has introduced a high visibility seat belt to all IC engine products from one to nine tonne capacity. An optional interlock system is also available across the range.

Yale product strategy manager, counterbalance, Matthew Allen, says: “With approximately 1,500 accidents in the materials handling industry each year involving forklift trucks* it is paramount that safety remains at the forefront of every application using materials handling equipment.


“According to the latest figures available from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), 27 million working days were lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury in 2011/12 so the importance of following the correct operating procedures cannot be underestimated.”


“The introduction of a high visibility seatbelt as standard will enable managers to more effectively monitor the health and safety of their workforce. Furthermore, the bright red colour acts as an immediate reminder of the importance of using the seat belt for operators.”


Seeing Red

The high visibility red belt has the benefit of helping fleet managers or supervisors enforce their use by operators as it is immediately evident whether or not it is in use.


The Yale high visibility seat belt includes the Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) mechanism which allows the belt to adapt to the operator’s movements making it comfortable to wear, even during reversing manoeuvres, but also allows the belt to lock automatically in the event of truck instability or impact.


Optional interlock

The Yale optional interlock system offers added security as it prevents the truck’s engine from starting without the seat belt fastened. Traction is disengaged and the truck decelerates if the seat belt is unfastened whilst in motion.


A seat belt symbol illuminates on the truck display in the event of the disconnection, immediately alerting the operator to the need to refasten the high visibility belt.


Matthew Allen, adds: “Safety is of paramount importance in a materials handling environment and the use of seat belts is a vital part of the overall correct operation of a forklift truck.


“Our design ethos runs through every component and aspect of Yale trucks and given that seat belts are positioned across the body, the design of the seat belts we fit to our trucks is no different. The ELR mechanism combines comfort with safety, allowing free movement whilst locking immediately when required.”


High visibility seat belts can also be retro-fitted to existing Yale IC engine and electric forklift trucks. For more information log on to www.yale.com to find the contact details for your nearest dealer.