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MAN Truck & Bus UK hosts Premium Tech Forum

MAN Truck and Bus UK hosted its first Premium Tech Forum for its employees last week.

The annual event was held at The Williams F1 Conference Centre in Grove, Oxfordshire on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th January.

The forum provided a platform for MAN’s most qualified vehicle technicians to consult and offer feedback on a number of the company’s actions including vehicles’ technical information, customer service and satisfaction, sales performance and the company’s culture.

Speaking of the forum, Trish Newman, Head of Organisational Development at MAN Truck and Bus UK said she was delighted with the success of the first event.

“It was a great opportunity to bring together some of our premium technicians from across the organisation to reflect upon their achievements during 2014 and gain an insight into some of the exciting projects planned for 2015.

“We recognise the value of listening to, and involving, our invaluable employees when it comes to reviewing and improving our procedures and approach to customers and wanted to hear first-hand from them about what is happening where they work, and how they feel we could improve things. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to feed back their opinions, ideas and concerns to us.”

Speakers at the forum included Vince Welsh, aftersales director; Trish Newman, head of organisational development; David Hall, operations development manager, aftersales; Dennis Evans, head of business development, aftersales; Nigel Bridgeman, regional manager, technical and customer support; Mark Price, international key accounts manager and Nigel Bailey from Axis Intermodal.

Trish added: “The Premium Tech Forum is targeted at vehicle technicians and parts people who have obtained premium status in our technical grading programme. Not only is it a great team-building workshop, it’s also a fantastic way of recognising their hard work and accomplishments.

“They also got the added bonus of getting to view and sit in some stunning Formula 1 cars!”