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Autoglym celebrates 50 years in the fast lane

Leading car care experts Autoglym is celebrating 50 years of production this year.

To mark the milestone the Letchworth-based company has launched three limited edition bottles as part of its golden anniversary.

Special bottles of Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection are now in stores nationwide and will be available to purchase throughout 2015.

Autoglym’s passion for perfection began in 1965 at a time when using car wax and polish was a difficult and laborious process.

It launched its first ever product, Radiant Wax Polish and quickly gained a loyal following of professional users impressed by the finish and ease of use.

After numerous requests from the public Autoglym launched Silicone Resin Polish and for the first time people could enjoy the professional finish that had only been available to the motor trade.

In the decades since it has been at the forefront of passion and innovation in the car care industry and its class was underlined when awarded two Royal Warrants – providing products and vehicle manufacturer approvals for the Royal households of HM The Queen and HRH Prince of Wales.

The company now manufactures over 100 products for motorists ranging from car enthusiasts to those in the bus, truck and rail trades.

Paul Caller, chief executive of Autoglym, said: “For five decades Autoglym has shown passion and dedication for car care that is unrivalled.

“Our original Radiant Wax Polish product was only available for people in the motor trade but since then, as our customer base has grown, so has the variety of products we offer.

“I’m delighted that we will be marking our 50th anniversary with limited editions of Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection. They have been core products for our loyal customers and it is fitting that they carry our special golden anniversary edition branding.”

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