I am finally catching up with my recorded episodes of Poldark and my goodness can I see why it is so successful!

Aidan Turner aside, it ticks every box for the perfect costume drama – a brilliant script, talented actors, stunning scenery, sets that evoke the period and delightful costumes as well as great attention to detail.

All in all, it is a perfect product and in turn a perfect PR machine.

Many programmes have great viewing figures, wonderful actors and interesting stories but they do not generate the attention that this programme has received.

By rights, it should have failed as the original version is so entrenched in people’s memories, instead it is an incredible success at a time when it is a real antithesis to the meteoric Fifty Shades of Grey.

Why? Because it got people talking about it, especially the journalists. Capture a columnist’s imagination and you have golden coverage.

In many offices throughout the land, the Monday morning conversation must have turned to the previous night’s episode. This collective conversation in turn promotes bonding – we are all talking about Poldark, hence we are all fans of Poldark and so it promotes a sense of community.

PR campaigns that can tap into that level of sub-consciousness must be a sure-fire hit. Getting people talking about your client creates a familiarity and belonging that in turn leads to a sense of security and loyalty because people feel they know and trust them.

Adverts are successful at it all the time – think meerkats, Aldi and any Coke advert. But PR also has an important role to play – there’s a reason products become a household name.