Timber buildings specialist Scotts of Thrapston has developed a new range of tennis pavilions in conjunction with established tennis court surface specialists, En-Tout-Cas.


Family run firm Scotts of Thrapston is renowned for its high quality timber buildings including summerhouses, cricket pavilions, stables, garages, education buildings and other bespoke structures. It was this quality craftsmanship that attracted directors from En-Tout-Cas to Scotts and led to the joint offering for tennis court solutions.


Rory Shepherd, En-Tout-Cas chairman, says the renewed relationship provides a one stop solution for the provision of tennis courts for both home and club requirements.


He says: “Many decades ago we worked alongside Scotts of Thrapston to offer tennis pavilions in addition to our portfolio of tennis court surfaces.  Recently we made the decision to bring pavilions back into our product offering. We already offer lighting and fencing, so the addition of pavilions now allows us to offer one point of contact to meet all of our customers’ tennis needs.


“Commitment to design, quality, craftsmanship and great service were all attributes we were looking for when identifying a pavilion partner and Scotts was a perfect match on every point. With 95 years of timber expertise and knowledge we knew Scotts’ rich heritage would result in a range of high quality, distinctive pavilions.”


Scotts of Thrapston chairman, David Scott, adds: “We have a long history of providing timber buildings and have designed many bespoke tennis pavilions to our existing customers so the creation of a specific range of pavilions is a natural step for us.


“We are very proud to be working together with En-Tout-Cas and to be able to provide a range of products that complement the surfaces developed by the company to stand the test of time and can be seen in sporting arenas across the world.”

There are four pavilions in the range, carefully designed to suit most requirements. However for specific building requirements, unique layouts or location constraints, Scotts also offer a bespoke building design service.


The range consists of The Syston Arbour, named after the town in Leicestershire where En-Tout-Cas was founded; The Hillyard, named in honour of 1908 Olympic doubles gold medal winner Commander Hillyard who went on to become secretary of Wimbledon in 1907 and commissioned the first court from En-Tout-Cas; The Championship Lodge – a name synonymous with tennis; and The Marland Pavilion – which pays homage to a village in Lancashire where the Shepherd family originated.


The Syston Arbour features an attractive sheltered seating area, which also serves as storage for any tennis equipment, providing the ideal spot to watch the match or relax after a game.


The Hillyard offers the best of both worlds with spacious storage and an integral covered seating area.


The distinctive Championship Lodge is the perfect place to store equipment and change ready for play and can even be used for entertaining before, after or during a match.


The Marland Pavilion is quintessentially British in design featuring painted cottage style doors and windows, serving as the perfect courtside structure suitable for changing, storage, shelter and entertaining.
The Syston Arbour, The Hillyard and The Marland Pavilion are all manufactured from pressure impregnated European redwood whilst The Championship Lodge is manufactured in Larch. All feature a cedar shingle roof.


Rory Shepherd concludes: “We understand that our customers need a company that is going to be able to provide tennis facilities on time, on budget and to a high standard. By adding the pavilions to our range, we are offering both peace of mind and the convenience of just one supplier. Together with Scotts of Thrapston we will manage any planning regulations and groundworks ensuring complete customer satisfaction.”


For more information log on to or call En-Tout-Cas on 01832 274199.