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Autoglym restores ‘The world’s most disgusting Peugeot’

It was dubbed ‘the most disgusting Peugeot the world has ever seen’.

But after 15 hours of hard labour by two car valeting experts, the car so dirty the owner’s step-father offered to give it away for free now looks as good as new.

James Baggott, 34, editor of motoring website, was so ashamed of the condition his step-daughter had left her gold Peugeot 307 that he offered the car as a competition prize.

Upon hearing the of the state of the car Letchworth-based Autoglym offered to send two experts to SuperUnleaded’s headquarters in Gosport to take on the mammoth task of making the ‘rancid’ Peugeot look presentable.

Barney Dobbs, Autoglym Technical Service Specialist, said: “It took myself and my colleague Ryan Bowden 15 hours of solid hard graft to get it to something I would get in.

“There were things in there we found that we didn’t know what they were – I think only medical science and forensics could tell you what it was.

“We used a combination of products from our professional range to get the job done. One was Super Interior Cleaner to get the vehicle clean to start with but then once that was clean we used Fabric Stain Remover which actually kills live bacteria.”

After two days of cleaning, washing, waxing and treating the car the men from Autoglym conquered the filthy car.

Barney added: “Now it smells clean and has a lovely fresh feel about it and it’s a vehicle you can get into now and not feel like you need a shower afterwards.

“We really wanted a challenge and this was one.”

James Baggott said: “I am amazed at the work the Autogylm duo did. The car looks like new inside which I never thought would be possible after the state it was left in. We’ve now given the car away to a new owner who entered the competition and they’re very happy with it indeed.”

You can see a video of Barney and Ryan’s hard work here

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